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The Reputable Child Learning Center You Can Count On

At LCH Learning in Littleton, Colorado, we strive to provide a diverse learning environment that promotes individuality, family partnership, and achievements in physical, social, and emotional development. Each child has access to a great beginning as they take on a role in building a community that prepares them for a successful future. We are the 1st Child Care facilities to be Certified by Jefferson County Health Department for Designated Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Program.

Jefferson County Health

Meet Our Owner 

Niki Millsapps, our owner, purchased her first center, Little Chicks and Hatchlings, in 2006. She believes that she has the best job in the world since she is able to interact with children daily and contribute to their growth. For her, “there is no greater joy than watching the excitement on a child’s face as they learn a new skill.”

Clearly, Niki has put her Associates degree to great use. She furthers her knowledge by working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in speech, hearing, and language.

Niki participated in the Girl Scouts for 20 years as a leader, camp director, adult trainer, program aide trainer, and event coordinator. Her choice of working with children greatly enriched her life. Inspired by her story, we hope to play our roles in the development of all young ones who enroll in our establishment.

Mission Statement 

We open our doors to challenged and typical children in an inclusive environment. Our philosophy is to celebrate the uniqueness of every child by focusing on his or her strengths and building upon his or her successes. We address individual, physical, social, emotional, communicative, cognitive, and self-care needs. We are committed to instill within the children the strengths and abilities for interaction in society.

Additional References

Learn more about child care through and about child care facilities through different government websites. We accept Colorado Child Care Assistance Program parents (CCCAP) from Adams County, Arapahoe County, Denver County, Jefferson County and Douglas County. We are a part of

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